Global e-Society Complex
Global-Local People and Entities, Products and Services' Societal Quality and Impact Index

Rating Indicator, System and Platform of the Impact on the whole of Society, in endless Space and Time,
of any Person, Entity, Sector, Territory, Object or Project
A radically new, structural, holistic alternative for techno-mercantilist, linear indicators.
A sine qua-non guideline for realistic local-global
, person-planet evolutive development,
for the recalculation of national, regional and local accounts,
economy, finance, investment, price and remuneration policy and social subventions.

The GlocoIndex is the Rating System defining the Societal Exchange Value
of the Personal or Entities' GlocoPass.

New 2014
Global-Local Exchanges Test-site Provincie Limburg Belgium ( english )
Essential pieces in the conception of the GlocoIndex.

The GlocoIndex constitutes the quintessence or graal of the Global e-Society Complex project.
It is used throughout the Globplex Platforms, including in the rating of Entities in the Listings Site,
in the socio-economic transactions site
and in the Societal Proposals sites of each geo-territory in the site.

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Holistic Indexes in Globplex-Research Stage
Globplex-Complexity Index
Selecting Decisions Priorities Prio-Cube System
Globplex-Index Potential Convivial Socio-economy Development
Globplex-Index Co-Governance Potential
Globplex-Complexity-Conscious Index
Globplex-Index Holistic Crowd-Research Potential
Panergetic Index ( cfr. GDP minus Corrective Expenses )
Globplex-Holistic Lifelong Learning Index
Globplex-Holistic Societal Communication Index
Holistic Debt Indicators,
Mankind Ultimate In-voice
A multiple of the world's financial debts.
Holistic Debt Indicator(s) Diagram
Holistic Demystifications

Global-Local Interference and Meddling

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GlocoIndex Ratings of Societal Entities
Selected Global Entities with Negative GlocoIndex Rating
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Selected Global Entities with Positive GlocoIndex Rating Co-Construction Program

Indexes and Indexing Related Sites
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World Key Indicators
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Holistically inspired Indexes and Rating Systems
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Gapminder Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabus
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Take proactively part in the conception and implementation of a viable, convivial society.
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Unique opportunities to create or improve jobs, enterprises and nonprofit organizations, locally-to-globally.
Innovative extensions of school curricula, in all branches of learning.

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